Why the three reply limit?

I’m getting hung up a bit by the 3 reply limit for new users. I could just edit a prior post, but that creates disjointed conversation and makes it much harder to post a response to a question. Is there anyway around this limit? I’d like to post my experiences for anyone to follow, but this limit makes that really difficult to do so in a useful manner.

Hello, sorry about that, we’re still figuring out how to use Discourse. I thought it was supposed to auto-upgrade users from “new user” to “regular user” after a few days or a certain amount of community-recognized activity, but anyway I just manually bumped you up to “regular user” so you should be good to go. Thanks for your contributions to the Kicad on OSX work, please let us know if “regular user” status doesn’t fix things for you.



The reason for the 3 reply limit per post for new users is to stop a user from signing up, and posting over and over in the same topic, maliciously. (See https://meta.discourse.org/t/why-is-there-a-topic-reply-limit-for-new-users/11513/2) Supposedly, around April, the behavior changed to “3 replies in a row with no one else replying”. Does that seem to match what you saw? If not, I can look into it and file a bug.

I see that you only joined a few days ago. Discourse, by default, has a nice, organic way of promoting users based on topics read, days since you joined, minutes spent on the site. In general, when a new user signs up and posts of bunch of content, the content tends to be links to pharmaceuticals , but you are obviously a real, non-malicious human (and we like having you here, thanks!), so we’ve bumped you up to the next user level.

Hi W&L,

That makes sense. The behavior I was seeing was I’d have 2 posts in a row, but 3 “recent” posts, and someone else would post below my most recent posts. I was then unable to respond below their post, only limited to editing my posts above, which results in a weirdly disjointed conversation.

Seems like everything is working now, totally understand if you’re still working out the kinks in new software, I hadn’t ever heard of Discourse until a day or two ago when I made an account here in order to respond about KiCad on OS X.

Thanks guys!