Video Game Shield Classic Controller Question

Greetings everyone!

I am now also a proud owner of the Video Game Shield; after building it and uploading an example sketch to it, everything works except the controllers. I am using Nintendo Classic Controllers - does it only work with a real nunchuck? The games want me to press “C” and only pressing the Digital Pad to the left makes the games continue - afterwards, all the games act like I would always be pressing “down” on the controller even tough i am not. I installed the Nunchuck-Test-Sketch and it worked (with the exception that i still have to press “left” on the digital pad when the program wants me to “continue”) but after the calibration, I am only able to make the small dot go in a very small circle instead of the complete box it is supposed to go.

Did anyone else have likewise problems? Do you have suggestions about what I could have done wrong? I am not that of an experienced solderer, so I might have botched there even tough i checked the VGS again and again and did not find a mistake. Maybe the VGS does not work with Classic Controllers? I will try to get a Nunchuck and test again!

All the best and thank you in advance for helping me,


Hello Christian, thanks for the post.

The VGS has software libraries and support for both the Wii Nunchuck and the Classic Controller, including both official Wii controllers and knockoff controllers (at least the knockoffs we have in our store).

Due to the differences between the nunchuck and classic controller, there is a separate library for each. Try running the classic_controller_demo example in the ClassicController library, that should give you more debug information about what the controller is reporting for button presses, joystick positions, etc.

Hope that helps, let us know what you find!

Dear Layne,

Thank you so much for your fast reply - i will be able to test that tomorrow and will report back! Also may i mention that i find the idea of the VGS absolutely awesome!! I also am very grateful that part of your website about it includes an explanation about how it actually works; i really am very happy with it!
I will test wether it works ok with a nunchuck and try to run the classic controller example tomorrow and report back!

Best regards,


Dear Layne,
I just was able to test the VGS with a real Nunchuck - everything works perfectly; so everything is just as you wrote and everything is fine - I will have a look at the library to support classic controllers; but i was able to test everything successfully with the nunchuck controllers, so everything works.
Now comes the fun part - i get to write my own video game and can run it on my tv at home! I am thrilled!! Thank you for providing us with this opportunity!!!

All the best from Austria,