Tap tempo with alternate and physically distanced input output devices

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I have not purchased the tap tempo yet but….
I’m a guitar player who wants to help my drummer find the groove I’m looking for. So here is my whish list. Please tell me if I’m asking too much of this kit.

  1. I’d like to trigger a LED,( or 2), and need it physically distanced 8 to 10 ft. from the tap-tempo unit.( The led is for the drummer and should be located in the kit).
  2. To also use my piezo driven stomp box , or other piezo, (guitar soundboard mounted- to allow fingers to tap out the rhythm ) to trigger the tap tempo unit.

I have friends who can aid me with the electronic assembly, though I can do the basic soldering.

Hello T70, welcome to the W&L forums!

There are a handful of external connection pins on the metronome circuit board that you can use. Details are here: Design | Wayne and Layne


  1. To trigger an LED, you could use the G (ground) pin and B (beat) pin, to drive an LED (with a series resistor of probably 330 ohms). If you want to drive more than that (such as more LEDs, large LEDs, other equipment), you would need a transistor involved too. Having 8-10 feet of cable shouldn’t be a problem. This part is almost guaranteed to work without issue.

  2. For external input, you could skip soldering in the piezo that comes with the kit, then use those two connections to wire up a separate piezo. Having a few feet of wire shouldn’t be an issue, but if given the choice between mounting the metronome circuit board on your guitar/pedalboard vs mounting it on the drum kit, I think it’d be better to mount the metronome circuit board closer to the input piezo. This part is a little less certain, just given the wide variety of piezo elements available out there (the metronome code is tuned to work with the piezo that comes with the kit).