Software still supported

I see that the hardware is still available in the store, but there have been no updates to the software and not a lot of activity in the forums. I’m just wondering if I purchase a Megashield is there still help and support available?

Hello Jsmith! Yep, we’re still here and still providing software support. Wayne and Layne isn’t our full-time jobs, but we’re still here selling kits and providing support.

Awesome! I’ve sent a couple of email requests but didn’t get a response. If I buy a 9V 3A power supply, will the Arduino be powered from the Megashield or do both boards need power? Also, any plans to get the plain motor drivers back in stock? Thanks!

Dang, we’ll look into the email outage, thanks for the heads-up.

We suggest using the DC jack on the Megashield to provide the 9v needed for the motors. The shield will then provide this 9v supply back down to the Arduino Mega via the Vin pin (just like if you had connected the DC supply to the Mega’s DC jack).

We are hoping to ge the Bricktronics Motor Driver boards back in stock in January or February of 2024. Stay tuned!