LED 2 On steady after programming

We built a Blinky Grid. It displays the “Maker Faire” messages on being powered up. It appears to accept the programming from the web page correctly - there are no checksum errors indicated. At the end of programming, LED 2 stays ON steadily, and the programmed messages are never displayed.

Your help is appreciated.

Hello, thanks for posting. Sorry that your kit isn’t working correctly. Does LED 2 ever stay steadily off at the end of programming? When it just “sticks” at the end of the programming process, that indicates that the clock sensor missed one or more transitions. Have you tried increasing the delay value to something very large like 3000? If it works at very large delays, then try gradually decreasing the delay. Also check that you have your display brightness set to 100% (even 99% won’t work due to high-frequency flicker in the display’s backlight).