Is there merit to programming the Blinky Grid's EEPROM via icsp

I need a way to program the Blinky Grid without any Internet access.
If your web page works offline, then great!
I’ll save it and hope there’s no service-side dependency.

Perhaps you or someone has already written a way to format the messages directly to what’s stored in the EEPROM to load/program via avrdude or other bare chip programmers?

Thanks in advance.

Hello. The blinky programmer should work just fine without internet access, it’s just a bit of HTML and javascript. It’s very old-school and in need of a refresh, but still gets the job done :slight_smile:

During production programming of the Blinky chip, we do pre-load the EEPROM with the initial set of messages, so I know it’s possible to have the EEPROM section in the final hex file.

As a side note, you can append ?debug to the URL of the blinky programmer and it will display the raw bytes of the messages at the botom of the page. Blinky POV and Blinky GRID Programming This can be useful for determining how your custom message is translated into the raw bytes that get transmitted via blinky protocol.