Introducing the Blinky Mini

I have made a smaller version of the Blinky Grid. This version uses 0805 LEDs and the battery holder is mounted on the back over top of the microcontroller. The thickness is a tad bulky, but the footprint is smaller overall. This is definitely meant for someone with more advanced soldering skills (and keen eyesight). My brother designed a 3D printed case, which he made on his printer, for the project.

Here is a build album of the finished project.
Blurry video of the device with the case removed.

The CR2032 battery holder is a part number LP2032SM-JJ-GTR made by Memory Protection Devices Inc. Nearly any 0805 surface mount LEDs, 10K resistors and 0.1uF capacitor can be used for the project. The switches and microcontroller are the same as with the original Blinky Grid SMT.

It looks like I am limited to 2 links per post, so I will reply with the links to the design files.

STL files for the case.
Gerber files for PCB.

Well hey, that’s really cool, thanks for sharing! Mind if we make a blog post about this project?

I just upgraded your account to a regular user, so you should be able to post photos or more links, if you want.

Thanks again for sharing, it’s always really cool to see what people do with our projects!

Thanks for the upgrade. Yes, you are welcome to blog about it.

Slick! I really like the square form factor.