In trouble programming Blinky Grid

It is extremely painful to program the Blinky Grid. Regardless the delay I am using (500ms or more) I get the leds 2 and 3 flashing before completing the program. I am only able to make it work with my iPhone or iPad (no PC or laptop display seem to be working). It works only 1 out fo 20 attempts.

Is there any other way to program the Blinky Grid? Should I modify my circuit or replace components?

I really like this project as it was my daughter’s (10 year) first soldering project and she did a great job.

Please advise,

We’re glad you like it. Can you confirm you’re setting the monitor brightness to 100%? That’s the most common reason why programming fails.

Yes, brightness is 100%.

I’ve been trying dimming down the room lights as well and isolating Clock and Data LEDs for them to receive their specific code.

Same results.

I was having the same problem. I increased the delay time to 60 and worked to me.

Yep, brightness to 100%, and then try increasing the delay to something absurdly large like 3000. If it doesn’t work at such a slow speed, than it’s not a speed-related issue.

At that point I would get out your multimeter and measure the voltage of chip pin 3 and pin 11 when you have the kit powered up in programming mode. Point the sensors at a black part of your screen, observe the voltages, then point the sensors at a white part of your screen, and observe the voltages again. If there isn’t much difference between the two voltages, then that is likely why the chip is having trouble with programming. Double-check your solder connections to the two sensors and the two resistors, to ensure they are good quality connections.

100% Brightness + 100% Contrast, Just Brightness wont work