How to tell if Bricktronic Sheild has power

I have a mega Ardunio 2560 the is powered( i tried with both usb and 9v battery). When I connect the shield (only one way pins line up right), and try a pushbutton sensor example (MotorButton), nothing happens.
How do i know my Shield isn’t dead? i dont see any lights on this board.
is there a pin I can read ?

Looks like I can’t use EV3 sensors. I have a mix of parts, and I had an NXT motor but EV3 push button. I also just found I did have to switch to REV 3. let me see if i can find my NXT buttons. I do have an NXT light sensor, but it wasn’t lighting up. I have moved the jumper to 3/4 but nothing. Maybe this is a different light sensor.

Hi Jen, welcome to the W&L forums! You are correct that the Bricktronics shield and megashield don’t work with the EV3 sensors, so take a look to see if you can find your NXT buttons. Since the NXT and EV3 motors have the same interface, both will work great with the Bricktronics line.

The REV3 switch provides support for the older pre-Arduino-Rev3 boards that added dedicated pins for the I2C connection. Those boards were common back when we designed the shield but are less common nowadays, and the REV3 setting will provide the best compatibility with the various Arduino Mega compatible boards out there.

I think I have upgraded your account to enable you to post photos, so maybe snap a photo of the light sensor you have and we can confirm if it’s the classic NXT light sensor.

Wayne and Layne