Easier programming for Blinky GRID and POV

I recently got a couple Blinky GRID kits, but I was getting frustrated while using the w&l website to program pixel displays. In all my browsers, adding too many lines would place them on top of the next message down and generally made the site very hard to use. So I copied the page and its files, and went to work. Now the message box is the full width of the page, and if you add more lines than will fit, it will expand down so it doesn’t cover up the next message box. I also added buttons for adding 7 lines at once or 50 lines at once.

Other than that, the only other work I did was some tweaks to get it to work on a Wordpress installation. I am of course happy to provide all the modified files if w&l want to use it here.
Here’s the link

Well hey, that is most excellent, thanks! If you don’t mind, we’d love to incorporate your improvements into our site. Feel free to contact us and we’ll figure out how to get the changes incorporated. Thanks again!