BricktronicsButton v1.2

I’m getting an odd error message:

stat /Users/dad/Documents/Arduino/libraries/BricktronicsButton-master/ no such file or directory

Error compiling.

I checked an the .py file is totes there.

Strange. So you downloaded the BricktronicsButton library plus the VerifySketchConfig library? Inside the button library, the local file should be a symbolic link to …/VerifySketchConfig/

Try doing a ls -l in the BricktronicsButton directory to check the type of your file, and if it’s a symlink, to see where it points.

Also, what is outputting the “stat” and “Error compiling.” message? Were you trying to run the python script as ./ /path/to/arduino ? Or something else?

Arduino. I downloaded and installed the VerifySketchConfig library, which I hadn’t when I made the original post. Still doesn’t help.

Are you supposed to take the -master off of the folder name for the various libraries?

VerifySketchConfig is run as a standalone script, that uses the Arduino command line interface to verify that our examples will compile. It is not run from within Arduino, and should be run from a terminal.

VerifySketchConfig library is just a python script, and its only interaction with Arduino is calling the Arduino command line interface on some INO files.

Yep, you should remove the “-master” from the folder names on the libraries. This is a stupid thing from github, it indicates which branch of code it came from. I see now that the Bricktronics libraries’ readme file says “Rename the uncompressed folder BricktronicsButton” (or similar), but I should do the same for the readme for the VerifySketchConfig repository.

I just noticed there was a bug in the VerifySketchConfig python script, so you should re-download it to prevent the error.

OK thank you, taking out the -master did the trick!

Excellent. Just trying out the new libraries? Let us know what you think.