Bricktronics shield + PPS58 - Nx pressure sensor


I am trying to integrate Arduino and Lego and have successfully managed to run Lego motors with the bricktronics shield but I am not sure how to get data from the mindesnsors pressure sensor connected to the shield. Is this sensor compatible with the shield? Do you have any libraries for this sensor or what are the options of getting pressure information from my Lego?


Hello, thanks for the post. We haven’t worked with any pressure sensors before, so we do not have pre-written libraries ready for that. If you want to try writing your own library, it looks like the Mindsensors PPS58 - User Guide (available from has the details you need to implement an I2C library to talk to the sensor. You could use the BricktronicsUltrasonic library as a starting point, since the NXT Ultrasonic sensor is also an I2C sensor (

Good luck!