Blinky POV SMT programming issue

I just soldered my Blinky POV SMT board and I programed it numerous times over and over again. Nothing happened, so I went to the Blinky POV troubleshoot post and double checked all the requirements and specifications. I am using a Mac Mini II with OS X 10.9.5 and I am using an Acer LED monitor at full brightness. Everything behaves as expected according to the POV programing guide, up until step 7. At this point LED 2 does periodically blink throughout the programming process. After the programing process is complete my desired message does not display. Even when I tried on a different computer (Acer laptop) it still won’t work. I have red LEDs and the programs that are preloaded on the board work perfectly. When I took a multimeter to the sensors it had the opposite effect as stated on the troubleshoot post, it gave voltage when I put it somewhere dark. I have photos but I am a new user so I cannot post them.

Hello, sorry to hear that you’re having trouble reprogramming your kit. I’ve upgraded your user account, so you should be able to upload photos now.

Where were you measuring the voltage of the sensors? On the + labeled lead on each sensor? What voltage were you seeing on the pins for black and white screens?

Sorry for the delay. Attached is one photo of the board.

When the sensors are detecting black light then they put out ~1.9 volts and when they are detecting white light then they put out ~1.5 volts, this happened on both sensors.

I was measuring the posotive and negative of each sensor individually. When I was measuring the + on each sensor I got ~0.3 volts on a white screen and I got ~0.5 volts on a black screen.

Do I just have a defective unit?

Hi Mysterious_Stranger, I just sent you a private message.