Blinky not working, bought from same location as previous caller

Also lurched from Princess Auto. Goes in the alternating led s flashing after programming.

Weird, two forum threads about purchases from the same store. Thanks for your purchase, I’m sure we’ll be able to get things figured out.

Is this is a Blinky POV or Blinky Grid? Are all the LEDs lighting up during the demo program?

Please attach a photo of the top and bottom side of the kit if you can. I think the forum software now allows for image uploads, but let me know if it doesn’t allow you to upload images.

Take a look at this programming guide and let me know at which step your kit behaves differently than described in the guide.

In step 7, does the second LED flash regularly as the on-screen squares flash? In general, if the led doesn’t flash regularly during programming, then that indicates an issue with reliable data reception by the clock sensor. If you get regular led flashed during programming but checksum errors at the end, that indicates an issue with the data sensor.

Hi, it seems that my blinky pov is working. I didn’t know you had to move it to see the message. How do you view the demo? How can I send you a image. One led at the end of row is not operating, the connections and polarity seem fine.

Hi, glad you have gotten it working. When I said “Demo” I just meant the pre-programmed messages in the kit. There are some graphic message like the heart icon, and some text messages like “BLINKY POV”. I think the text messages only use seven of the LEDs, but it sounds like your message playback is working fine.

To confirm, are you able to reprogram your message into the kit using the programming website?

You can upload an image into your reply here, or you could always upload an image to another website like twitpick or imgur and paste a link into your reply.