Blinky Grid Prgramming

I have 3 Blinky Grid projects and can not get any of them to load new messages or even a simple word TEST I have tried speed setting from 20 to 80 and in between. I have set my monitor to the brightest level and still get no results other than data error leds 3 and 4 blinking every once in a while cretin settings. Is there a way to hard wire new messages (HELP).

Hey there, sorry to hear that your kits aren’t working right. I’m sure we’ll be able to figure it out.

Have you followed exactly the programming method in the guide?

Do the LEDs 3/4 blinking start in the middle of the transmission, or at the end? Does LED 2 blink at regular intervals during programming?

You can try setting the delay to something very long, such as 500 or 1000, to eliminate any timing-based troubles. If it works with a very long delay, you can gradually decrease the delay until it stops working, then back off abit.

Do you have access to a multimeter? You can measure the voltage of the programming sensor pins while the kit is powered up in programming mode, when the sensors are exposed to both black and white squares on the monitor. There should be a difference in voltage, otherwise the blinky chip can’t tell the difference between white and black.

Could you post a high-resolution but still focused photo of both sides of your blinky kit? Sometimes we are able to visually spot any possibly problematic solder joints or part placements.

Matthew “Layne” Beckler
Wayne and Layne, LLC

I was able to finally get two of the three kits working I tried a different monitor. Still trying to figure out the third one .

I was also searching the solution for the same issue and got some few idea from Apple Customer Support but from this post, I got the solution. It is really working.