About color sensors


Hi Folks.

So far it has been great to work with your board. Congrats!

I have diffent versions of the kits NXT, NXT 2.0 and EV3.

Why the color sensor works only with NXT 2.0? Is it a matter of protocol or similar issue? Is there a known work around to make the other sensor and the board talk?

Thanks again,



Hello, thanks for the post. So far we have only tested the NXT 2.0 color sensor. I believe that the EV3 color sensor is a new protocol, and we haven’t yet figured it out. Other projects (mindsensors, lejos, etc) may have decoded the new LEGO protocol so you might be able to look at their code (if it’s open source) and figure out how to talk to the EV3 sensor.

I am going to try to decode all the EV3 sensors this summer and see if they can be supported with the current Bricktronics hardware.


Ok, thanks!
I tried to use more than 1 color sensor with the board and it worked only when I use 2 specific sensors. If I use others then the sensor act funny and only one works.
I’m still debugging on my side to figure out what is going on… if I find more I’ll share it here.